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Or alternatively you can click on each section below to browse the training and services which we offer.

To book a session please complete one of the following forms:

Please note that any schools/trusts sharing training will incur extra charges

Training request form 

Vulnerable Learner request form

Pastoral Support request form

Counselling request form

Exam Access Arrangements request form

ADHOC Attendance request form

Investigation request form

SEND request form

Cancellation Policy Update - Any 'In School' First Aid, full day Physical Intervention training, SEND or the full day Safer Recruitment Training for Trusts, which are cancelled will now incur the following charges:

- Within 3 weeks 25% charge 

- Within 2 weeks 50% charge 

- Within 1 week 100% charge

Please note, all other 'In School' training and 'Central' training will still incur a cancellation charge if cancelled within 48 hours.

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